Pointing fingers

On October 7, Tina Gonzalez wrote an article criticizing the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Coalition for distributing a flier which contains words that are especially offensive to gays, and generally offensive to the rest of the community. I, along with Brian Turkaly, share Miss Gonzalez’s opinion that such language is insensitive. I believe that there exists a number of words that should never be printed in a highly visible setting, even if it’s only to make a point, because they only show the ignorance of the user. However, this is where my agreement with Miss Gonzalez stops.

In an apparent attempt to fill her SA-bashing quota at the Star, Gonzalez has turned to printing fallacies. For those readers who were the victims of Miss Gonzalez’s yellow journalism, here are the facts. First of all, the SA did not “put out” the LGBC fliers with the derogatory wording. Second, it is not the SA’s job to see that such things do not “get out.” Third, the SA never okayed the flier and therefore never posed an impression on anyone. And fourth, the SA would never be “okay” with inflammatory team or group names.

In case you are interested, it is the job of University Programming and Activities, located on the sixth floor of the HSC, to determine which fliers are eligible to be displayed on university bulletin boards. Just ask your colleague Jennifer McCabe, whose very informative article on the same topic appeared on the front page of the same edition.

Mark Battaglia

SA Senator