NIU royalty to stand out during weekend events

By Maria Tortorello

The cowboys of the wild West are very rarely connected with royalty. However, at NIU it will happen during the week of Homecoming. Nobody said NIU was normal.

After being nominated by a student organization and being interviewed by the Homecoming Committee, 10 people were nominated for the Homecoming court.

Anna Bicanic, a history major, was nominated by the Student Leadership Development Board.

Abe Andrzejewski, Student Association president and English major, was nominated because he is an active member of the SA board and Delta Sigma Phi.

Campus Activities Board member and pre-business major, Amy Kozlowski, also was chosen to be on the court.

Jeff Curio, a corporate communications major, is a possible candidate for Homecoming King because of his membership of Sigma Chi.

Delta Zeta nominated health administration major, Margrit Schulz, to be on the Homecoming court.

Rico De Lara, OMIS major and Student Association member, is one of the ten nominees for court.

Student Association member, Virginia Welch, is a finance major on the Homecoming court.

The SLDB committee nominated political science major, Steve Pryor for the court.

Jane Wright, a pre-physical therapy major, was nominated by Lambda Sigma, the sophomore honor society.

Shane Schafer, accounting major, was nominated by the Pershing Rifle committee.

Voting for the Homecoming royalty will be held Tuesday through Thursday in the Holmes Student Center.

This year’s king and queen will be announced at the Talent Show, which is to be held at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Duke Ellington Ballroom of the student center.

The students were chosen for the court based on an interview by the Homecoming Committee.

They then were asked questions such as what changes they would bring to NIU, what they would do for the school as alumni and what was their most important activity.

After going through the nomination process, the nominees will get to enjoy the excitement of being on the court.

“It’s a neat thing to be nominated,” Wright said. “It was kind of unexpected and I was totally surprised.”