Keep watchful eye

With the sweeping waves of Democratic reform, South Africa is now looking forward to hopes for a more open economy.

The General Assembly of the United Nations has decided to repeal all economic and financial sanctions held against South Africa. Arms sanctions placed in effect by the U.N. Security Council will still apply.

The government of South Africa is making drastic efforts to enter the 21st century amid tragic violence. The United States should jump at the chance to help move Democracy along. With the democracy in jeopardy in other vital world locations, i.e. Russia, it is up to the United States and all other nations that are involved in the United Nations to provide the economic boost for a new system of fair government in a nation plagued by oppression.

Racial segregation is something that should not be tolerated in our time and although the sanctions which were placed in the 1960s were appropriate then, they are not appropriate now. In fact, they could prove to be quite detrimental to the current wave of democracy.

The United Nations, however, should keep a watchful eye on South Africa and see how it progresses toward Democracy.

If there is any sign of the country reverting to its old ways, the sanctions should be placed on South Africa again. They must be held accountable. Hopefully, the U.N. will keep South Africa’s feet to the fire.

Nelson Mandela has asked the U.S. to lift sanctions against South Africa so reform can get underway with the benefit of foreign investment. Mandela has made it clear that the investment is imperative if true reform is to continue.

The transition to democracy should begin in April when South Africa’s first multiracial elections will be held.

Most of South Africa’s sanctions have already been removed. Further sanctions will be formally removed today. A mandatory arms embargo is still in effect as an effective check on the South African government.

There’s finally hope in South Africa. Anyone who cares about injustice will still be holding their breaths until April, but the lifting of sanctions in the U.N. should keep hope alive.