Misplaced criticism

Criticism of the Student Association’s recent resolution to ensure that commuter students acquire spaces in the up and coming parking structure is incorrect and should be muffled.

Student Regent John Butler has said he thinks the resolution could cause problems. But, in this case, the only one causing problems is Butler himself.

The resolution calls for the administration to make no less than half of the parking spaces in the new structure available to commuting students. It was spurred by an SA senator who claims “certain entities” on campus believe the entire structure should be made available only to them. The ending resolution should be commended, whether these entities actually exist or are a fragment of the senator’s imagination.

Butler believes the resolution puts an end to any chance that all of the spaces in the parking structure, not just half, will be given to commuting students. He also says the resolution ensures that half of the spaces will be given to faculty.

According to Butler, the resolution will make it difficult for people on the parking committe who want a larger number of student parking spaces.

Butler’s reasons come across as nothing but wimpy political ploys.

The resolution states “no less than half”—it doesn’t state the students should be given only half of the spaces. If the SA would have demanded all of the spots in the garage be given to students, they would have come across as arrogant and overbearing and the resolution would have been shuffled aside as just another unreasonable demand.

By choosing the lighter demand, the SA used some common sense and at the same time took action to support the students it represents.

Butler is aiming his criticism at the wrong party. If he is really concerned with representing the students’ concerns and making sure students benefit, he should be speaking to the members of the parking committee.

By nit-picking at the SA’s resolution, Butler is only dividing the voice of the students. He should instead be working with the SA to present a united defense and push for as many spaces as possible.

As a representative of the students, Bulter should be doing everything possible to give commuting students more parking spaces. Attacking the SA is not the way to do this.