Headbangers’ confession?

Will Beavis and Butt-Head ever repent?

Is there a chance that MTV House of Style will ever do a feature on the new Vatican fashion scene?

Anything’s possible on MTV. And we do mean anything.

The Roman Catholic Church is now advertising on MTV and VH-1 to recruit young men for the priesthood.

The five ads are slated for local play in the Scranton, Penn., area featuring several priests speaking about what the priesthood means to them in a slick, music video-style setting.

A paint-splatterd backdrop and roving camera will help to create a hip but pious atmosphere to attract would-be men of the cloth.

Rev. James Paisely of the Scranton Diocese admits the idea is a bit chancy, but the bishop is willing to respond to the drastic priest shortage.

Is it likely that a few young men might experience their religious calling in between Primus and Blind Melon videos? It would probably depend on the volume level and length of exposure to MTV waves.

This could set an interesting trend. Maybe the Church won’t have to buy ads in the future. Perhaps MTV producers could find a way to provide a solid theological basis to its programming.

How about “Yo, MTV Sermons” or “The Real Rectory.” It’s a bit of a stretch, but it just might work.

The possibilities are endless. The Church could fill positions and MTV might get some substance.

Saturday night could be riveting with the advent of “Headbangers’ Confessional.”