Sports motivator stresses positive

By Tom Chader

Anyone who wants to know what a motivation drill given to teams like the Chicago Bears and White Sox is like is invited to attend a speech by John Cassis, whose business includes motivating players.

The speech will be given at 1:30 p.m. Saturday in the Sandburg Auditorium in the Holmes Student Center and is open to all students.

“Let’s face it. Feeling passionate about the work place today isn’t easy—let alone motivating people to work together, understand communication and champion their own ideas,” states a brochure which introduces Cassis.

The brochure comments on the point of Cassis’ speeches. It states, “(Cassis) uses a positive approach to coping with life’s pressures. It has been found in studies that we need 12 laughs a day to be healthy and happy.

“A favorite speaker among audiences of all ages and occupations, John offers a wide variety of seminars and lecture topics each tailored to meet specific needs. (His speeches) are spiced with insight and wit to challenge audiences that are faced with the multiple issues in their industry today with sensitivity and laughter,” the brochure states.

“(Cassis’) aim is the leadership, yet he is gearing the speech towards college and high school students,” said Jennifer Hutchins, the vice president of the Student Leadership Development Board.

In addition to the Bears and White Sox using the speaker’s services, big companies also hire John Cassis to motivate their leaders, she said.

The speech, “The Art of Leadership,” is a part of the conference called, “Creating Excellent Within” which draws high school students from the DeKalb and Rockford area as well as NIU.

The event is organized by the Student Leadership Development Board, and Cassis was invited by the Student Association.

“We are getting a good response to conferences of this kind,” Hutchins said. “This will be a two-part conference. In one part, members of the faculty will give workshops to NIU students. In the other part, college student leaders will be giving workshops to high school students.”

The program of the sixth annual conference includes six events and will begin at 9 a.m.