On Weekender …

“Why should we tip delivery men when we have to pay a delivery charge.”

“I been watching the shows and I am sick and tired of these white right-wing feminists and blacks feeling that the white man owes them something. And it wasn’t me who put them in bondage. I feel sorry for them, but I’m tired of giving out.”

On columns …

“I find it pretty ironic the Ms. Gonzalez has a problem with the SA paying for stuff that says Fags and Dykes when The Northern Star accepts money for a marriage picture of these people. Who’s the hypocrite here.”

“In response to Markos Moulitsas’ column: If the God of the Bible is false, then on what absolute basis can you protest injustice? If the Bible is incorrect on proclaiming transcendent moral standards then all you’re left with is human opinion and Mother Teresa is no better than Hitler. Don’t give up on the Bible. The problems we have are not from following the Bible but from being ignorant from what it really says.”

On cartoons …

“I’m calling to say that I’m agreeing with Erica Baker who wrote this letter in the Star. I agree that this new comic “ABCD Goldfish” is good. It’s about time we got some decent cartoons in the Star. Thanks for finding some good ones this year.”

“Along with my colleagues, I think that “ABCD Goldfish” stinks. There is nothing funny about it.”

On multiculturalism class …

“If we have a multiculturalism class here on campus are we going to explore the cultures of European Americans?”

“I’m against the mandatory multiculturalism class. I think that it would be a mistake to force a class like that on all the students.”

“I don’t want to take it. I’ve learned enough about Northern in the past few months that I’ve been here. I’ve learned more about blacks and Hispanics and Japanese, and I don’t want to take any multicultural class.”

“I feel we have enough classes here that we are never going to use in life, and I see this would be one of them. I see this as a nonsense class, and I don’t think the two races can live together—let alone people who don’t want to learn about them learn about them and have it mandatory.”

“I don’t think it is at all necessary. I am a white male and I know all I need to know about the other races and there is nothing else I care to know. So making me take a class is just wasting my time.”

“I think it is a good idea because we should all know a little bit more about each other because maybe then we could get along a little better.”

On letters …

“This is in response to Anthony Jacobs’ letter on the First Amendment. It is only first because the other two amendments intended to proceed it were not ratified. The provisions of the others, especially the sixth amendment, sometimes take precedence over free speech.”

On paper …

“Last week the newspaper said that at 7:30 Cole Hall would have a movie showing. Well I walked across campus and went there and there was a class at that time. Then when I walked back and called and they told me it wasn’t until 8:45. Now today’s horoscope is the same as yesterday’s. I wish you guys would get your act together.”

On search …

It is 6:10 on Wednesday. I am not on the Faculty Senate but I have already heard that La Tourette is ignoring the FS in working to chose a new provost. Where is shared governance? Where are the promises made by the administration about joint governance of this university?”

“I wish to register my opposition to an internal search for vice president of Alumni and Development since everything a university does or doesn’t do seems to be tied in with money then I think that it is essential that NIU do an external search to find the best person with a proven record with raising large amounts of money for a university.”

On fliers …

“About the LBGC posters. Why is it that straight people can get away with using the words fag and dyke but we the gay community can’t place these values upon ourselves?”

Miscellaneous …

“I’m watching ‘90210′ and I’m noticing that their college is completely unreal. For example, their teachers all speak English. Hello, NIU!.”

“Did anyone else notice the major mess-up on TV-8 news last night [Oct. 6]?”

“To be politically correct we often have to call people African American, Asian American, etc. But what about when people call us whites? I think we deserve to be called European American. After all, why refer to us by our race. Let’s be politically correct.”

“I don’t think guys who drive around at night and harass women walking on the sidewalk who are alone should be shot.”

“My only question is how come we get off Martin Luther King’s birthday and not Christopher Columbus Day?”

“I was just wondering, with all the construction going on, who is the real president of this school? John Deere or John La Tourette?”

“Where is “Bob McBob”? Any chance of getting him back? He was the best.”

“I just wanted to say that we had a tremendous turnout for our general meeting for Golden Key National Honors Society and I really hope that it continues. I want to thank everyone that showed up, I think that’s fabulous that so many people are supporting us.”

“We shouldn’t be angry at Michael Jordan for retiring from the game of basketball. Just be happy that you were able to witness his athletic capabilities in your life time. Let’s not be selfish and wish Michael the best of luck in his future endeavors.”

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