Editorial: Hard to respect the disrespectful

What a month that was.

We were surprised and excited when were heard a star recruit would transfer to NIU and maybe play football. Especially when the announcement came after a 0-2 start.

Our minds swirled with ideas and possibilities. How big of numbers would he put up? How many MAC Championships would NIU win with him at the helm? How many recruits would we get because he – a Chicago public school product – decided to attend school in DeKalb?

We even thought it was humble that he decided to come to NIU, even though he could have attended schools with more prestigious football programs. We thought he might have come here to be with family and friends on the team and remembered that Joe Novak recruited him hard in high school.

Then more facts trickled in, and our suspicion rose.

He practiced with his former team the day after he allegedly enrolled at NIU. Maybe he just wanted one last time with his team, we thought.

We were once again reassured that he would be an NIU savior when he missed his former team’s bus to Michigan, instead coming to NIU’s game against Eastern Michigan.

It’s true, we thought. He really was coming.

Amidst all the reports of him coming to NIU, we heard he hadn’t yet talked to his former coach. He didn’t leave on the best terms, so maybe it wasn’t all his fault.

Then, we heard his former school wouldn’t let him out of his scholarship. Then, they would let him out – but not to NIU. Then, finally, he could be a Huskie.

But the situation still felt off.

He was spotted at his former school’s game this weekend and said that, while still claiming to be enrolled at NIU, he still had options.

That didn’t sound good for NIU.

Now, he apparently is no longer enrolled at NIU and is exploring other options.

It was too good to be true. But at least he got plenty of attention. If he ever plays sports on a professional level, he’ll already have some practice under his belt when it comes to receiving way more attention than he deserves.