Don’t drink the water

Studies are showing just how contaminated our drinking water is becoming. Books are being put out on how farmers can better protect their groundwater. Suburbanites are being warned about drinking the water coming out of their taps. And eight govenors from the Midwest want to lower regulations on water quality in order to draw in more big business.

Recently governors from around the Midwest, including Illinois, have submitted a plan to the EPA calling for reduction of standards for mercury in water, establishing discharge rules for municipalities and industries on lakes, modifying water treatment standards and easing some pollution criteria for industry.

The reason given for their request is that with lower quality regualtions on water there will be a greater marketability for big buisness to come into the Midwest. The governors claim current environmental rules hurt their states’ ability to attract jobs.

In an attempt to show they are not totally against regulations, the governors’ plan does call for more protective regulations, but at lower standards than the EPA wanted.

This proposal might make sense to them but what use are strict rules when they are so lenient they don’t accomplish what they were meant to? What good are new jobs when people will not want to live in the Midwest because they can’t drink the water?

If the governors get what they want, all that is left to say is—Water Drinkers, Beware!!