No requirement

Anyone reading the Oct. 11 Northern Star about the proposed multicultural class requirement should realize two things: 1) the SA doesn’t care the least bit what the patronizers (students) of this university want, and 2) they think we need to be told what to think and feel.

The Constitution protects us from having religion forced down our throats, but what about politics? It is not the responsibility or right of the university to make us culturally sensitive. If we allow this, what’s next? Environmental awareness, conduct, ethics, and other required classes to program us to take another’s point of view?

I totally support offering a multicultural class to interested people. Being open-minded, I would probably take it. However, as soon as someone wants to force his views on me, they lose all credibility in my eyes.

If it is really the goal of the university to give us a well-rounded education, why am I turned away from classes I am interested in (such as art, music, and writing)? It is the goal of the university to force-feed us what they think is right.

I’ll be graduating soon, so the requirement won’t affect me. I do not want my children to have politics forced on them, so I am doing what I can now. If this type of mentality is not stopped, it will only get worse. I encourage everyone to take five or 10 minutes and write or call the SA and tell them you are in favor of freedom and opposed to any required cultural sensitivity class. Make your message known to Abe Andrzejewski, Tendaji Ganges, and Michael Gonzales. Admasu Zike of the Center for Black Studies was the only one cited in the article who made any sense.

Tony H. Ferrero


Physics Major