Staplers no longer available in computer labs due to budget cuts

By Jermaine Pigee

DeKALB | NIU students using ITS computer labs may want to invest in a stapler.

The lack of staplers in the computer labs is due to recent budget cuts, said Charles Schumann, Lab Operations manager.

“The computer labs do not currently have staplers because of budget reductions,” Schumann said. “Staplers in the labs were having to be replaced at a rate of about one a month per lab because of breakage or disappearance. While there are some departments that have chosen to absorb those costs through their own budget, removing staplers and hole punches seemed to be an area we could cut without much notice.”

The cost of each stapler isn’t cheap.

“At an average cost of $30 for each stapler, not including ordering, handling and replacement labor, for 20 labs, it is easy to see how this can add up quickly,” Schumann said.

Students should be able to supply their own school supplies, including staplers, he said.

“It was thought that since students are expected to provide other office supplies, and since inexpensive portable staplers are available, those students who needed to staple could provide their own,” Schumann said.

Some students who use the ITS labs find the absence of staplers available for use to be a major inconvenience.

“It is very inconvenient to not be able to staple my papers while in the lab,” said Brandi Johnson, a junior sociology major. “I have to go ask a friend or even someone I don’t know. It makes it kind of frustrating.”

Katrina Senour, a junior special education major, echoed Johnson’s sentiments.

“It is very inconvenient for me to not be able to staple my papers together in the labs,” Senour said. “Usually, I’m in a hurry to print things off anyway, so I just wait until I get home to do it.”

Other students have compensated for the lack of staplers by purchasing their own.

“I went out and bought a stapler since the labs do not have them, and I don’t know where to find one otherwise,” said Michael Autenrieth, a junior sociology major. “I try to carry it around all the time. I feel like I am Milton from ‘Office Space,’ having to carry it around with me all the time.”