Charges announced in Noriega case

By Christopher Norman and Kate Trusk

DeKALB | At a joint press conference Friday, DeKalb Police Chief Bill Feithen and DeKalb County State’s Attorney Ron Matekaitis announced additional charges in connection to Luis Noriega’s death.

Nathan Schrank, 22, an NIU marketing major from Lockport, is charged with two counts of first degree murder, one count of involuntary manslaughter and three additional counts of aggravated battery. Shrank was previously charged with one count of aggravated battery. His bond is set at $500,000.

Four counts of aggravated battery were also filed against Christopher Tadder, 22, an operations and information management major from Lockport, Fred Jakob, 22, an operations and information management major from Lockport and Emily Hobbs, 21, a political science major from Plainfield.

“Each individual is charged with four counts of aggravated battery,” Matekaitis said. “They are class three felonies for their actions, participation and attack of Luis Noriega.”

Matekaitis wished to clarify some initial news reports regarding the attack.

“There were some early reports that Noriega’s death was a result of a fight. The use of the word ‘fight,’ would imply that the confrontation was mutual. In making the charging decisions in this case we believed this was an attack against Mr. Noriega where he was badly outnumbered and was struck by an individual who was physically superior in size,” Matekaitis said.

“People make choices all the time and often times the results of those choices are insignificant. The defendants in this case and Mr. Schrank in particular, made choices to resort to violence. When violence is chosen to resolve issues, the possibility of significant injury or death will always be present,” Matekaitis said.

The night of April 15 is still the focus of the investigation.

“It is not our theory that Mr. Shrank intended to kill Mr. Noriega,” Matekaitis said.

The State’s Attorney Office’s goal is to see if Shrank committed the act to cause great bodily harm, Matekaitis said. If true, he said, Shrank would be responsible for Noriega’s death.

Matekaitis said there are no allegations that Hobbs struck Noriega. If she solicited, aided or abetted the attack, she would be found guilty, he said.

“The facts will demonstrate in court if she did participate,” Matekaitis said.

Matekaitis said he would not discuss details in the case. He said the information would be presented in court.

Feithen could not comment on what Reilly’s civil liability is. He also reserved comment on any punishments the students would face from the university.

When asked if there would be any additional security for the rest of the semester at bars Feithen said, “We will institute whatever manpower is necessary.”

Christopher Norman is the city editor for the Northern Star.

Katie Trusk is the police and fire reporter for the Northern Star.


Nathan Schrank, 22, of Lockport

Bond $500,000

Two counts of first degree murder

One count of Involuntary Manslaughter

Four counts of Aggravated Battery

Christopher Tadder, 22 of Lockport

Bond $100,000

Four counts of Aggravated Battery

Fred Jakob, 22 0f Lockport

Bond $100,000

Four counts of Aggravated Battery

Emily Hobbs, 21 of Plainfield

Bond $50,000

Four counts of Aggravated Battery