Neptune dining now serving all students

By Jermaine Pigee

NIU Housing and Dining is now allowing anyone who has a valid NIU meal plan to eat in Neptune’s dining hall.

Before the change took effect, the only students who could eat lunch at Neptune were students who had a valid meal plan and lived in Neptune.

The change took effect March 19, but Housing and Dining officials say this is only a trial period.

“Housing and Dining has contemplated this option in the past, and decided to go forward with a trial period this spring,” said Ralph Chaplin, director of Housing and Dining.

Despite the change, Housing and Dining will not add more employees as of this moment.

Despite the opportunity for more students to eat lunch at Neptune, hall residents have not seen a noticeable increase in the number of patrons.

“As a two-year resident of Neptune, I was worried that it would become overcrowded, but I have not seen a considerable increase yet,” said Sarah Roman, a junior political science major. “People are just starting to find out they can eat in Neptune, so we will have to see what happens.”

Neptune resident Michael Puk doesn’t view the change negatively.

“The change doesn’t bother me,” said Puk, a freshman business major. “I’m here every day and I only notice a slight increase.”

Some students still prefer the Trident Grab ‘N’ Go facility in Neptune.

“I have seen more people from the other halls coming to eat in Neptune, but many of them also use the Trident during lunch time as well,” Roman said.