Director of UHS to retire

By Maria Tortorello

Campus construction projects aren’t the only things changing the makeup of NIU lately.

This June, NIU will be saying goodbye to Rosemary Lane, director of University Health Services. On June 30, 1994, Lane will be retiring after 15 years of working at the health service.

Lane came to NIU in 1978 as a staff physician and worked her way up to associate director in 1982. In 1985, she became director of the health service. After her years at NIU, Lane said she feels proud of the department she will leave behind.

“I have a sense of pride about the excellent organization, especially with the disruptions of moving out of the building and moving back in,” Lane said. “We (Health Services) are very well-administered and well-functioning.”

Lane also said she is proud of her staff and the fact that most of them have stayed for several years. “That continuity means better care for the students,” Lane said. “As director, I have provided an atmosphere where employees have been able to strive to do well. I take pride in that.”

While at NIU, Lane has influenced many people. Beverly Beetham, assistant director for nursing, who has worked closely with Lane for five years, said Lane has introduced her to different aspects of the department. “She has broadened horizons by introducing new services in the health vicinity of the university,” Beetham said. “Rosemary is a very kind person. She tries hard to please her staff.”

“We will miss her here,” said Michael Haines, coordinator for Health Enhancement Services. “She is a people-person when it comes to being an administrator. She always puts the personal part of people’s jobs first.”

Haines also said Lane has been supportive of the staff and the students. “Rosemary has been supportive of the prevention and promotion work Health Enhancement has done,” he said. “She has also been concerned about and supportive of students with special needs.”

However, Beetham said she feels retirement will be good for Lane. “I am happy for her because she will be able to pursue personal interests she has had,” Beetham said.

Although Lane has accomplished several things at NIU, she also has reasons for retiring. One reason for her retirement is because of the university’s incentive. Another reason is because Lane said she needs more time for personal interests.

“At this university, it seems as though the people who work at the director level have to be full-time, and I would like more time for personal interests,” Lane said.

Lane said she also is retiring for health reasons. Administration changes usually lead to changes within the department. “I’m not looking for dramatic changes,” Beetham said. “With a new individual as director there will always be a new style of management.”

However, Beetham said she does not expect there to be much change in the services for students.

The University Council approved a search committee Wednesday to replace Lane.