Crabtree to miss home finale


The prognosis for Saturday’s starting quarterback against University of Southwestern Louisiana is: Scott Crabtree out, Ron Reichert in.

The shoulder separation Crabtree suffered early in last weekend’s victory will keep Crabtree sidelined indefinitely.

“I won’t say he’ll be back in two weeks or he’ll be out the rest of the season,” said athletic trainer Mike Braid. “His status is week-to-week.”

Crabtree suffered a second degree A-C (shoulder) separation of his right shoulder. The A-C ligament is what attaches the shoulder to the clavicle, or collarbone. Braid explained that there are three classifications for shoulder separations.

A first degree means that the ligament has been slightly stretched, but not enough for significant problems. It may involve swelling or bruising.

A second degree means that the ligament has been stretched to the point where there are partial tears to the fibers.

A third degree is the worst separation and means the ligament has been completely ruptured.

Crabtree sustained his injury on the third offensive play of the game. He was running an option pitch to the right and opted to keep the ball for a gain of two yards. The injury came on the tackle by Pacific linebacker Jami Anderson.

After the injury, Crabtree braved the pain and remained in the game for another four plays. He handed off to LeShon Johnson for a gain of three and a first down. Then he dropped back to pass and slipped for a loss of eight yards.

The remarkable play however, was on second and 18 he completed a 21-yard pass to Vaurice Patterson for the first down. He remained in for one more play which was a pitch to Brian Grimes for a gain of four. That’s when he came out complaining of pain in his shoulder.

Sophomore Reichert, who did a good job filling in for Crabtree, now has almost a full game under his belt, and should be prepared for USL’s Ragin‘ Cajuns. He got a great review from head coach Charlie after last weeks performance. Sadler especially gave credit to Reichert’s confidence.

“He did all you can expect from a back-up quarterback,” said Sadler. “He played well and shows us a little depth.”

And speaking of back-ups, the injury to Crabtree moves junior Aaron Gilbert up to second string. Sadler was hoping to have Gilbert redshirted this season, but he won’t hesitate to play him if he is needed.