Restated views

May I respond to some of the public and private correspondence I have received to my letter to the editor of Oct. 4?

To John Butler, student Regent: Have you tried bribery? When I was a working journalist, I always appreciated cash or a good single malt scotch.

To George M. Shur, university counsel: Regarding the former university president, I’m not sure what you are writing about. I personally debated this issue with him at the Faculty Senate (were you even there?). To my mind then and now, he was just as concerned with the content of the advertisement in question as he was with the Star’s advertising policy. There isn’t space here to repeat his remarks, but content control, no matter how well intended, is a form of political correctness. Doesn’t it seem ironic that the topic of the ad and Skokie v. National Socialist Party, the case originally cited by the Star in its editorial of Sept. 27, are so closely related? If this still concerns you, read what Justice Blackmun wrote in Smith v. Collin.

Regarding “zealous” students, I did not explain myself adequately, I have no complaint with the many accusations students have lodged against the Star