Sorority walk aims to educate blacks


The women of Delta Sigma Theta would like to help South Africans by raising money in order to educate the blacks in South Africa about their new right to vote.

On Saturday, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority will sponsor its fifth annual walk-a-thon. This year’s walk theme is “Soweto Day: Walk For The Right To Vote.”

The walk will begin at 11 a.m. in front of the Recreation Center.

Mikki Anderson, president of Delta Sigma Theta, said, “Last year we were able to raise a little over $800 for the New Baptist Church in DeKalb. This year we are hoping to top that figure and donate the money to the South African Sister City Project Fund.”

According to Anderson, the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority has decided to donate to the South African fund because of its historical significance. In Soweto, South Africa on June 16, 1976, a large number of young black people became fed up with the unjust treatment they were receiving from the government.

As a result, they held a peaceful protest to show their discontentment with the way they were being treated.

At this point in time, blacks in South Africa had no say in their treatment by the government because they didn’t have the right to vote.

However, as of April, 1994, blacks were given suffrage for the first time in South Africa.

“A lot of people don’t know that we are an international organization. We are found all over the world,” Anderson said. “Anytime we see injustices take place in the world, we feel that it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to make things right. And since this is such a historic event, we felt that we had no choice but to take part in it.”

If enough money is raised from the walk-a-thon efforts to educate South Africans of their rights, there is a 90 percent chance the African National Congress could win the election.

There is still time to make a pledge to support the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority in their efforts to raise money. If you would like to show your support, contact Cherise Walker at 753-2438 or Dana Gaymon at 758-8232 to pick up a pledge form. The money generated from the pledges is not due until Oct. 25.