Keep it clean!

Douglas Hall’s Geoforce committee would like to draw everyone’s attention to the disgraceful state of this campus. Our lagoons and streams are choked with plastic bags and glass bottles; our football field is smeared with marshmallows after each home game; and cans, bags, bottles, and newspapers coat the rest of university property.

This situation is an embarrassment to all of us. Imagine what an outsider, including any of the parents visiting for Parents’ Weekend, must think. One’s first impression of the students is that we’re a slovenly bunch who care little for our school.

All of us have seen the ducks in the lagoons, watched a Huskies game, or walked across campus. If we wish to keep the ducks, we must stop polluting their homes. If we want to make the football games an enjoyable experience and a recognition of the hard work put in by the football team the cheerleaders and the band, we must stop degrading their efforts by demonstrations. And if we want to be able to walk to class without tripping over trash, we must stop dropping it everywhere.

The campus’ condition is no fault of the grounds’ crew, but we suggest that more garbage cans are needed, and more importantly, that Northern’s students take the time to use them. Please clean up your trash. We pay to live here-why should we make a garbage dump of our home?

Cathy Danbom and the Douglas Hall