Has the indoctrination of our university restricted us from experiencing one of the prized, long traditions of higher education—debate? The U is a place where one should be able to freely express thoughts and ideas even though they may not conform with the society outside of the U. This issue has been stirred within me after watching a documentary that had discussed five situations that are now occurring throughout campuses nationwide. In the five situations, the question was raised of whether or not the U is the place to teach popular views of racism, sexism and homophobia. Should the U teach students to become more sensitive? Being a Catholic white male heterosexual, I could be viewed as the root of all evil by groups who are now choosing to use their power to change the current structure of the U. This can be compared to the mass movements of the national socialists in Germany during the 30s and the destruction of our own universities during the 60s. The idea of truth is no longer sought in the U because what is popular is now being indoctrinated. If someone does not agree with the mass movements of today, that person is sent to thought reform classes. This is not Beijing, it’s America with a capital A. Freedom of expression is one of our most cherished rights. After all, our constitution does not list it as the first of the Bill of Rights because it is alphabetically correct; clearly not. I want to be able to intelligibly say what’s on my mind without having to think, “Oh no, he will disagree with me,” or, “Oh no, she will think I’m insensitive.” I want the truth in order to better society today and tomorrow. This can only be accomplished through intelligent debate.

Anthony Jacob


Political Science