‘Man, you look like you’ve been hit by a Huskie Bus!’

By Matthew Rainwater

Ever hear of the story about an NIU student versus a Huskie Bus?

It’s not a common myth, but it’s been heard of a few times. Some people truly think if a student gets hit by one of these campus buses, that student will receive free tuition.

NIU Ombudsman Tim Griffin doesn’t know the exact origins of this strange tale, but he’s heard rumors of how it started.

“There was a rumor at some point that a student’s car got hit by a Huskie Bus and the person sued the bus line,” Griffin said. “I have no idea if this is true, since this supposedly happened many years ago. The person agreed to a settlement of money, and so this might be where the myth may have started from.”

Vice Provost Earl Seaver said this myth is not true at all, based on his knowledge.

“I haven’t seen anything that’s based on this myth, and there’s no way NIU would really give free tuition to any student here,” Seaver said.

NIU Legal Services declined to comment on past lawsuits against NIU, because it was against its policy to discuss client lawsuits.

Brad Brown, a senior geology major, said he knew this myth couldn’t be true at all and said it must have originated from hopeful students who were failing classes and needed a way to get ahead.