Giving peace a chance

Just when people were giving up hope for humankind’s future, it seems that old enemies around the world have finally taken John Lennon’s words to heart and are now giving peace a chance.

First a few weeks ago an unexpected peace agreement was proclaimed between Israel and the PLO. Now the Irish Republican Army and British forces are trying to proclaim a peace for Northern Ireland.

What makes peace among factions such as these even more remarkable for the rest of the world to believe is the long history of animosity between them. The violence in Northern Ireland is not a new conflict, but one which goes back for centuries. In the past 25 years alone, over 3,000 people have been killed in the political violence of Northern Ireland.

What the world has to do now is wait to see if the peace lasts. The best other countries can do is support what is taking place between these parties and hope. The worst that can happen is other countries become complacent about world peace. Although it may not be the United State’s place to become the police officer of the world, it still has a duty to world relations.

With the end of the Cold War, a new South Africa emerging and attempts at peace among old enemies, we must not let ourselves get too giddy. Still out there are the Bosnias, Somalias, Chinas and Iraqs.

No one should forget this. People of this country should also look to these recent peace settlements as examples. If peace can be achieved between century-old enemies, then peace can be achieved in factions in this country.