Ghouls to invade Neptune for candy

By Rickey Nesbitt

Neptune Hall residents will not be tricked on Hallow’s Eve provided they have their treats ready—in abundance.

For the past five years, Neptune Hall East, West and North has been opening its doors to DeKalb school children on the witches’ holiday. Children from kindergarten to fourth grade will have the opportunity to show off their costumes and fill their bags with candy and free gifts.

The organizers of the annual event expect to see crowds that match previous year turnouts of between three and four hundred. One of the objectives of sponsoring this event is keeping the children in a safe, controlled environment.

“It’s a nice way to do trick-or-treating without parents worrying about the dangers that can happen to children,” Neptune Resident Assistant Carmen Soto said. “Halloween has lost its fun. This brings traditional Halloween back without the worrying about the dangers of traffic and weird people.”

The event will include appearances by Victor E. Huskie and the residence halls will be decorated by volunteers. Hall Council funded a month’s worth of preparation for the night but outside donors filled other important orders. Nestle Corporation, McDonald’s and Orchid Dry Cleaners donated candy, juice and gift certificates for parents so that none go home empty-handed.

Upon arrival, parents will be separated from their children and allowed to wait for them in the parent room. There, they can enjoy a rest from the little boys, girls and ghouls. The children will be led off by student volunteers in groups of ten. The youngsters then will embark on a route that will make them happier than “kids in a candy store.”

Parents and their children will be reunited in the game room where free gifts and treats will be given as party favors.

The results of each year’s party are always favorable in terms of turnout, costumes and the children’s approval. Soto says kids enjoy it because they get a lot of candy and therefore, they return each year.

The trick-or-treating will run from 6 to 8 p.m. tonight in Neptune Hall Central.