Fire burns HSC kitchen; Bus routes altered

By Matthew Rainwater

DeKALB | Students scrambled as buses were forced to take a slight detour yesterday because of a grease fire in the Holmes Student Center.

The fire Thursday morning caused the bus turnaround to be blocked off. A representative from the Huskie Bus Line said in order to make room for emergency and fire personel they rerouted the busses so they skipped the Student Center and then followed their usual routes.

The HSC turnaround is usually where students stand to escape the elements. Yesterday however, it was closed and students were forced to wait at the DuSable stop.

Elise Gray, a junior political science major, didn’t find out that her bus wouldn’t be stopping at the Student Center until it was too late.

“I went all around campus, and it took 15 minutes to get back to DuSable,” said Gray, who had gotten on the number five bus at DuSable under the false assumption that she would be stopping at the Student Center. “I’m already ten minutes late for class.”

For some, escaping the weather was a big enough challenge in itself.

“I wanted to be inside to get away from the weather, but there were already many people standing in the buildings because of classes,” said Nakeisha Manning, a sophomore business administration major.

Rachel Woolwine, who operates the number five bus, said despite the inconvenience, everything was running on schedule.

“We haven’t been backed up too much,” she said.

Matthew Rainwater is a Campus reporter for the Northern Star.