Tired story of boy-gets-girl runs cliche gauntlet

By Stacie Wieland

“Employee of the Month” tells the story of “Zack” (Dane Cook), a slacker employee of the buy-it-in-bulk superstore, Super Club, who is happy exerting as little effort as possible just to skate by.

That is, until the unrealistically good-looking new cashier “Amy” (Jessica Simpson), transfers in.

It’s rumored Amy is only interested in the employee of the month, which is good news for “Vince” (Dax Shepard), winner of the title for 17 consecutive months. Determined to get the girl, Zack decides to change his ways in the hopes of becoming employee of the month.

While this lowbrow comedic adventure most certainly has its moments, as a whole it is kind of a let down — the basic concept has been used, reused and recycled far too many times for it to be original. Boy sees girl… boy wants girl… boy changes behavior to get girl. And even though it is set in a job people can relate to, it isn’t believable. Who works every day for a month? Call your union representative.

As with most recent comedies, the secondary cast steals some of the best parts. Look for hilarious contributions by Efren Ramirez, Andy Dick and Harland Williams.

One thing that was not only distracting, but also rather disturbing, was the dangerously low-cut apparel Simpson flounced around in. How Amy kept her job is anyone’s guess, despite the fact she was never pictured doing any actual work.

The film’s undoubted lure is popular comedian, Cook. However, because it’s rated PG-13, what he actually says and does can’t compete with his stand-up routine.

Save your money and watch his act if he’s the only reason you’re making the trek to the theater.