No problem

This letter is to the DeKalb and NIU community at large. I am a concerned citizen and resident of downtown DeKalb. I live in the heart of what some have dubbed “Pigeon Haven.” I have a simple plea. Stop trying to “fix” nature! Last year at NIU it was the geese and this year it is the pigeons. It amazes me how easily people are put out by something as silly as pigeon poop. Maybe we should call in the FBI. Reliable sources from Texas tell me that the FBI does great extermination work!!

I’ve lived in downtown DeKalb for about a year. I didn’t even know DeKalb had pigeons until I looked up and saw about a half dozen feathered friends roosting on a building top. Get over it, DeKalb. I used to work in downtown Chicago. Now that’s a pigeon problem! If this community is bent on getting rid of pests it should start with the humans that litter the sidewalks and streets. At least pigeon poop is biodegradable. Maybe you don’t want to admit it but you have real problems that require your attention. Pigeons shouldn’t even be an issue.

Paul Thompson