DeKalb police officer beaten at area hotel

By Chelsea Irving

A DeKalb Police officer was injured and another man arrested after an incident at the HoJo Inn, 1321 W. Lincoln Hwy., Thursday night.

DeKalb Police Officer Tom Petit responded to a report of a domestic dispute at the HoJo Inn last Thursday. When he arrived at the motel, the subject had left the area. Petit then proceeded to assist and take information from the female complainant.

DeKalb Police Sgt. Richard Probasco said the subject returned to the scene in his car, while unknowingly being followed by DeKalb Police officers. The subject’s name is Brett Neu, but no other information about him was released. Neu had apparently hit the victim on the left side of her face.

While Petit was attempting to arrest Neu, a fight between the two broke out. Probasco said Neu had broken several windows before and during the incident. The broken glass from the incident injured Petit.

In the fight which ensued, Petit also received a neck strain injury. DeKalb Police Officers Rod Long, Bert Johnson, Joe Franklin, Fred Busby, Kurt Rissman and Joe Hertel were called to assist Petit, who initially responded to the call alone. NIU Police and DeKalb County Sheriff’s Officers also responded to assist DeKalb Police.

At the scene, Neu was cap-stunned by a DeKalb Police officer. A cap-stun is a red pepper spray which affects the mucus membranes and causes the eyes to water.

An ambulance transported Neu to Kishwaukee Community Hospital in restraints. Officer Petit also was admitted to the emergency room. Probasco said Petit was treated for the neck strain and some contusions. He was released shortly after.

Neu was arrested on eight charges, including domestic battery, aggravated battery to a police officer, criminal damage to property and several traffic charges. The traffic charges include having a open container of alcohol in the car and driving with a suspended license.

After being released from the hospital, Neu was transported to the DeKalb County Jail in Sycamore. At this time he is being held there while awaiting bond.