Professors understanding of religious needs

By Jermaine Pigee

DeKALB | Many NIU professors have allowed Muslim and Catholic students to have the day off class for their religious needs.

Some Muslims students agree that their specific needs are met.

“As a Muslim on campus, I feel that when I ask for accommodations I have no trouble finding a place to pray or making sure I can make up an exam or quiz,” said senior communicative disorders major Baggia Maliha Salmaa. “I always have to make my teacher aware of my needs and after that, most of the faculty has been more than willing to help. Thus far, I have had a positive experience with accommodation to my religious needs.”

Many students that are Catholic also agree that their specific needs are met.

“As a Catholic, I most definitely feel my religious needs are accommodated,” said junior history/secondary education major Sandi Roznovsky.

Other students say, however, that there are things that still need to be done.

“There are times when I feel there should be a designated prayer room for all Muslim students to use to say their prayers, especially in the library,” said junior clinical lab science major Talia Yousuf. “I’m not sure whether a request has ever been made by anyone to have this facility, but that’s one thing, I feel, that lacks.”

Students say the best way to avoid any problems is to turn in their work early.

“I always ask what I should know for the next class and turn in things early if I can,” Salmaa said. “I think that helps in building a good understanding and relationship when it comes to creating harmony and diversity.”

Catholic students say students should use the holy days.

“Students should make an effort to observe the holy days of obligation,” said freshman finance major Winnie Okafor. “Teachers should allow students the day off.”

Catholic students also say students should make time for their faith at school.

“Anyone should put God before school,” freshman physical education major Jennifer LeDuc said. “Most of the time, there is time for both.”

Jermaine Pigee is a Diversity Beat Reporter for the Northern Star.