Flat ‘Beerfest’ an absolute borefest

By Stacie Wieland

“Beerfest” is an epic, albeit sophomoric tale that follows the Wolfhouse brothers (Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske) to Germany so they can scatter their late grandfather’s ashes at Oktoberfest. Upon arrival, they are taken where the Wolfhouse ashes have been placed for generations: a top-secret drinking competition.

The brothers soon find the members of the victorious German team are their cousins who question the honor of their late grandfather. The brothers challenge the Germans to a drinking match, which they lose painfully. The brothers return to the United States, intent on defeating their German adversaries next year.

Joining the Wolfhouse brothers on their quest, the rest of Team USA is comprised of three men that share a college past saturated in alcohol. First is a competitive-eating chug master “Landfill” (Kevin Heffernan); “Fink” (Steve Lemme), a scientist who has studied the effects of drunken-recall; and Barry (Jay Chandrasekhar) a champion of drinking games like “Quarters” back in his day.

Unfortunately, the majority of the movie is spent showcasing the intensive training the five men endure to adequately compete: drink as much as possible to build up tolerance, perfect pouring techniques and try to find the secret to conquering “Das Boot.” It gets old rather fast.

While movies like “Dumb & Dumber” succeeded in being stupidly funny, “Beerfest” falls flat. It tries too hard. It’s as if the film doesn’t trust the leads, so devices such as unnecessary and excessive amounts of female nudity are used to elicit a few chuckles. Though the film has its moments of hilarity, overall it just seems like an excuse for drunken behavior, German accents and the sexualization of the schnitzel.