This ain’t your parents’ Labor party

By Derek Wright

On the speakers

Jimmy Eat WorldIf nothing else, this collaboration with Liz Phair stands as the first decent thing she’s done since 1998.

Archer Prewitt


Screeching Weasel


The Ventures

“Work Song”

The Animals

“Work Song”

The Dead Milkmen

“Labor Day”

The Roots

“Work” Sure the song is originally from a soundtrack, so it’ll work perfectly to help score your weekend.

Ike & Tina Turner

“Proud Mary”Even though it’s not a clear-out selection, when Tina Turner screeches “Working for the man every night and day,” you can’t help but rock out like an oppressed black woman — no matter who you are.

Bob Marley


Lou Reed

“Work” It’s no Velvet Underground, but any Reed/John Cale collaboration is worth a listen

— — Intentionally off the list — —

Men at Work

The String Cheese Incident “Work” Nothing will ruin the momentum of a party like some modern day hippies screwing around on guitars for what seems like hours.


OFF! It was a toss-up between this and the curmudgeonly named “Bug Off” spray. But this insect repellent gets the nod because it avoided the temptation — partially — for a really cheesy pun.

Workman’s Compensation

Note: Only include if you are the person filing these claims


Labor Party ralliesSure it’s been an official political party in the U.S. since 1928, but if you want to be guaranteed a good time, visit a Communist rally instead — at least you’ll certainly have as good of time as everyone else.

Manual Labor

Workman’s compensation

Note: Only avoid if you are the person responsible for settling these claims

Going into laborNot only will giving birth seriously damper this year’s picnic, it will ruin every year’s until your kid is no longer a whiny brat.

On the screen

“American Psycho”Who hasn’t wanted to mutilate an annoying coworker with an axe, or a sledgehammer or a chainsaw…

“Office Space” Whether it’s zonking yourself out with hypnosis or just giving up, it’s the guide to

cubicle life.

“The Office” Take your pick — both the BBC and American versions of this show remind us why we all want to set our own hours.

“The Office Party”That’s okay, nobody else has heard of or seen it either. But this 2000 short film stars ex-“Karate Kid” Ralph Macchio, Tate Donovan, Dave Attell and Jon Stewart.

— — Intentionally off the list — —

“Men at WorkThe film starring half brothers Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen stands as the worst case of brother-and-brother crime besides the Menendez boys — the 2000 presidential election not withstanding.

“Office Killer”

“Working Girl”

“Dilbert” TV Series