Concerned resident

This is in response to the Sept. 28 article regarding the pigeon problem in downtown DeKalb. As a concerned resident of “Pigeon Haven” (the area between First and Third streets), I would like to provide insight to the DeKalb City Council on what it is like to live so closely with the pigeons. To sum it up, it is annoying and disgusting.

The pigeons have chosen our balcony as their favorite nesting place. In the past two months the pigeon population has tripled to the number somewhere around 30. The pigeons gave decorated their new home (ours) in fashionable waste and beautiful feather-layered carpet. Not only is this a problem on our balcony, but also it has begun to cover the screens of our windows. The screens now need to be cleaned regularly. The pigeons have also awakened us on several occasions by either cooing or idiotically trying to fly through closed windows.

These might sound like petty arguments, but then you don’t have to live so close to them, do you? One last point to consider, it’s been said that pigeons carry diseases so isn’t living so closely to them and their messy habits harmful to one’s health? We don’t hate the pigeons, we just don’t want to live with them so to the DeKalb City Council, please don’t give up looking for a solution.

“Residents of Pigeon Committee”

Richelle Fiorito

Kelly Fallman

Amy Aeling

Kevin Evans

NIU Students