Raymond dreams of dunking

By Andrew Hanson

Point guard Stephanie Raymond led the NIU women’s basketball team’s attack all season.

Raymond led the Huskies in scoring and assists with 16.4 and 4.3 respectively.

The 5-foot-5 senior took time to chat with the Northern Star about her most memorable moment of the season and her picks for the NCAA tourneys.

Northern Star: What was your most memorable moment of the season?

Stephanie Raymond: Definitely making it to Cleveland, considering it was the first time in four years. It was really great to experience it with new coaches.

NS: What’s it like to score 1,000 points for your career?

SR: It’s a good accomplishment. There’s so much talk about my height, but it says a lot about my ability.

NS: What’s better: an assist, a three pointer or a layup?

SR: Definitely an assist. It’s making the other person and the team better.

NS: Candace Parker dunked twice in one game during the women’s NCAA tournament. What would you give up to dunk?

SR: Anything. If I could be four or five inches taller I think I could do it. I’ve been talking about it since high school, but it’s never going to happen.

NS: Why do you wear No. 12?

SR: It was my number in AAU basketball. I wore 33 in high school but when I came to NIU, Stephanie Smith was wearing it.

NS: Who’s your pick to win the men’s and women’s NCAA tournaments?

SR: For the women, North Carolina. For the men, Villanova.