Long-distance rates lowered by Sprint ‘madness’

By Dan Jacobson

College students will have a chance to keep those expensive long-distance phone bills lower with Sprint’s “Moonlight Madness” discounts.

Sprint, an international telecommunications company, is offering the Collegiate FONCARD, a calling card targeted toward college students.

The card will have the benefit of the low rate of nine cents per minute for calls made anywhere in the United States between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Juanada Teas, manager of Sprint’s corporate media relations, said, “We are trying to make calling easier for the students because we are very aware of college students’ tight budgets.

“This card offers a priority rate of calling to anywhere in the U.S. during the Moonlight Madness hours. At any other time, though, the normal rates apply.”

Another benefit of the card is the Sprint Priority Party Call. With this plan, callers will have the capability to call two different people in two different places at the same time.

Teas said with the party call, the caller will only be charged 18 cents a minute when the call is made during the Moonlight Madness hours.

The card also offers the Priority Collegiate Rewards, Teas said. With this, students receive a gift for every $100 they spend each month. For example, with $200 spent in one month, two gifts will be rewarded.

“Things that a college student can’t live without, like movie passes or compact discs are rewarded, absolutely free,” she said. “The same gift will not be given more than once.”

Dave Schmieg, president of Sprint’s consumer services group, said this is the first time college students have been offered a special calling card that includes late night discounts to fit their lifestyles.

“Most college students are very careful about how they spend their money and our low Moonlight Madness rates make balancing their budget easier. Sprint has make it convenient and affordable for them to keep in touch without breaking the bank,” Schmieg said.

Teas said there are no special requirements to receive the card. “The card is targeted toward college students because they are usually up later than most people studying, but anyone can get it,” she said.

Jeff Hargarten, sophomore pre-med major, said he thinks the low rates are good for him because he likes to keep a close relation with his family.

“I think it’s real terrific. I can communicate with my family when they are out of town or on vacation and not have to spend as much money,” Hargarten said.

Kevin Kistner, sophomore history major, said he is not impressed by the idea of a calling card. “If I was going to call long-distance, I would just have my parents pay for it.”

Teas said this is a permanent offer. Students interested should call Sprint at 1-800-795-5971.