Alive and well

Where did Kevin Lyons come from? Being a transfer student, I don’t know how long he’s been writing, but I honestly didn’t expect to find such mature, critical and analytical thinking as his in a school newspaper. Mr. Lyons and the Graduate Political Science Student’s letter concerning Mike Edie’s letter convinced me that intellectual thought is alive and well in DeKalb!

I, too, have had professors that told me truth was debatable, along with sociology courses taught from a determinists view. I still believe that you can get just as good an education here as at most private or “elite” schools, but, unfortunately, I doubt that even NIU’s curriculum was responsible, for Mr. Lyons pursuits of C.S. Lewis and Allan Bloom. Has anyone heard of Francis Schaeffey? Don’t feel bad, I don’t either at school.

As far as moral relativism, I’m glad that Kevin Lyons has a form to represent an “alternative” view, but if it (moral relativism) is going to be taught in school, let’s at least open debate in the classrooms for moral absolutes.

Nicole Kelly


Transfer Student