Andersons Word: The Northern Stars Food Critic

By Lauren Anderson

Fatty’s Pub & Grille

1312 W. Lincoln Highway

DeKalb, IL 60115



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We arrived at 1:00 in the afternoon for lunch on a Saturday. As I entered the restaurant my eyes were quickly drawn to the beautiful ceiling of gold plating and intricate design. With a clean and quaint, old-fashioned American interior, this bar gave off a comfortable laid back atmosphere. A welcoming staff and pleasing aroma was a start to a good visit. Finding a table was difficult due to limited seating.

The waitress started us off with naming a few drink specials and returned with our refreshments. Narrowing down the large variety of beers, I ordered a Guinness. As far as the menu goes, there was a lot to choose from. You can find many types of dishes suited for vegetarians, dieters, and everyone else. We ordered cheese quesadillas, pretzels with cheese dip, a south beach dieter’s dish and a burger with a side of Cajun styled cheesy potatoes.

As I waited for the food, I took a moment to look around. Throughout the restaurant there were people watching sports on the various televisions or sitting down enjoying a conversation. I noticed most people congregated in the back of the place, most likely due to the arcades, pool table and large television sets.

Following only a quick wait, our food arrived. I decided to first taste the cheese quesadillas because a friend claimed them as her favorite. The quesadillas were pleasantly arranged and sliced to easily pick up or dip in the side of fresh salsa. I was pleased, yet completely unprepared for the hot peppers in it. I thought the black beans and fresh side of salsa were a nice touch. I would recommend this entrée to anyone who loves a lot of spice, cheese, and flavor. I also enjoyed the pretzel bites with cheese; they are great for snacking with a beer or as an appetizer. I then tried the spicy Cajun potato salad, which was a unique twist of cheesy potatoes and was quite delicious! Everyone at my table was pleased with the dishes.

If you’re looking for great American food and a fun atmosphere, Fatty’s is the place.