The List

By Brayton Cameron

5. ‘Kingdom Come’

Painted by Alex Ross and written by Mark Waid, “Kingdom Come” follows one pastor’s journey as he discovers superheroes have become key figures in the Book of Revelations.

4. ‘Preacher’

This ultra-violent series by Garth Ennis has preacher Jesse Custer on a literal quest to find God and make Him answer for abandoning humanity, with a little help from John Wayne.

3. ‘Blankets’

Craig Thompson’s Harvey and Eisner-winning memoir finds the author as a young man struggling to reconcile his love for a woman and art within the narrow confines of his family’s strict beliefs.

2. ‘Astro City: Confessions’

Kurt Busiek’s superhero opus features superheroes and serial killers, but its real message is one of faith and hope, seen through the eyes of a young sidekick paired with a hero who is not what he seems.

1. ‘Persepolis’

Marjane Satrapi’s own true life account examines one woman’s faith during a period of violent turmoil in Iran.