Make appointment

Having read the erroneous assessment of the DeKalb Crisis Pregnancy Center in the Star on Sept. 22, I must respond.

Rebecca Parfitt and Judith Testa really know very little about the very successful operation of the Crisis Pregnancy Center. The statements made by Parfitt and Testa are absolutely false. In order for Parfitt and Testa to appraise the operation it necessitates them to call 748-4242 and set up an appointment and visit the Center. Those in charge will explain the whole operation and its effectiveness.

This organization consists of caring people who give of their time and money to assist those who are going through some very difficult times.

Again—Parfitt and Testa call the Crisis Pregnancy Center set up an appointment and see and hear firsthand at what really takes place and then and only then can you make a very honest judgment as to the benefits of this worthwhile organization.

Del Lawson

518 Franklin

DeKalb, IL 60115