By Sean Ostruszka

Rocket chairs, giant sling shots and explosions. Man, I want to be a MythBuster.

For those of you who only watch the news and “The OC,” “MythBusters” is a show on the Discovery Channel in which two guys take myths and try to prove their merit.

The show sounds childish and it is, but how else is one going to find out if Lucille Ball really did expose a Japanese spy ring by listening to radio signals transmitted by her tooth fillings. If you have a better solution, please let me know.

So as I was saying, that’s a job I would want. Sadly, I am not a trained technician with a whole host of explosives and tools at my disposal. I don’t even have a test dummy.

But I still want to try it. So using the tools at my disposal: a computer, my knowledge of NIU basketball and bad breath. I will try my best to bust a few NIU myths.

Myth #1: NIU basketball sucks.

While in the past there may have been some merit to this myth, it’s not the case anymore.

The men’s team is currently sitting atop the MAC West and coming off a five-point win over Ohio. As for the women’s team, newly hired coach Carol Owens has turned a 7-21 team of a year ago into a team that is turning heads.

If it helps, bring some blue tinted sun glasses and pretend you’re watching Duke.


Myth #2: The Convocation Center is too far away.

While the building is on the outskirts of campus, it is no more than a five minute walk from most of the residence halls. And if you have an apartment then you probably have a car. I know most college students are poor, but I hope they can afford the 3 cents of gas they will use.


Myth #3: It’s too cold outside to go see a game.

Students brave numbing temperatures every fall Saturday to watch the football team. So why not brave a short walk to watch the basketball teams – INSIDE.

The Convo is always nice and toasty. The seats are a little more comfortable than the metal bleachers, and you’re closer to the players than you’ll ever get at a football game.


Myth #4: You can’t tailgate at a basketball game.

OK, you could but I wouldn’t recommend it. While there is plenty of space in the parking lot for a grill and cooler, the 45-mph winds that seem to circle the Convo would definitely throw off your game of bags.


Myth #5: It’s more fun to spend your Tuesday nights watching American Idol.

Personally, I don’t want to listen to any bad singing unless it’s coming from me.

But if you think sitting alone eating greasy food slowly becoming one with your couch as you listen to bad singing while secretly thinking you can sing better is fun, then by all means stay home. But I think I’ll take the game.