Eight cars burglarized

By Andrew Schlesser

Car burglars made easy prey of unlocked cars in neighborhoods around DeKalb Thursday night.

Eight separate incidents of burglary to motor vehicles were reported during the night, police said.

One victim on the 200 block of Lexington Street said her purse was stolen from her unlocked car parked in her driveway, police said.

She also said her neighbors’ cars were entered during the night, police said.

Witnesses on the same block reported they saw two suspects breaking into cars during the night, police said.

Victims called in from the 900 block of South Sixth Street, 1300 block of North 14th Street and the 1600 block of Margaret Lane to report car entries overnight on Thursday.

A house under construction in Devonaire Farms, 262 Settler Road, fell victim to two male suspects on the same night. A witness said she saw a 1980s van parked near Settler Road and Moluf Street wearing black shirts and black knit hats, police said. The witness did not call the police at the time she saw the suspects, police said.

The burglars stole ceramic tile and hand rails from the house, police said.

The victim said she thought the house was secure and believed the burglars gained entrance through the garage.