College Democrats issue debate challenge

The NIU College Democrats would like to thank everyone who attended the anti-Bush Rally on Wednesday. We are pleased with the diversity of activists who managed to find time to share in a common belief, but we must stress these opinions do not necessarily represent those of the NIU College Democrats. Given the range of ideals present, whether they be left, centrist, or even conservative, we believe it was a sparked discussion about the current state of affairs in this country. More than 60 people participating in a midday protest in the middle of the week is beyond successful.

With respect to Thursday’s article, “Gatherers Protest Bush,” Mr. Lorenz’s idea that “all Democrats do is protest” is clearly not true. The College Democrats this year alone have worked on multiple campaigns, hosted guest speakers, hosted campus discussions on current political issues and held regular meetings with strong attendance. The College Democrats’ rising presence on campus has led to the belief in the Young Republicans that the “growing strength of Democrats in Illinois” (as quoted from its site on must be challenged. To further prove this is not the case, we ask: Can the NIU College Republicans “walk the walk?” We publicly challenge them to an open debate. Are they ready to take it further?

NIU College Democrats

Donna Dalton,

president – senior,

political science major

Kevin Malone,

vice-president – junior,

political science major