Kenny Chesney: The Road and the Radio

By Matt Lee

Kenny Chesney, one of country music’s top-drawing artists, refuses to take a break.

Considered to be one of country music’s hardest working and most-respected artists, Chesney has already achieved countless milestones in his career, which include “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy,” “I Go Back” and “Big Star.”

Chesney’s latest album, “The Road and the Radio,” lacks the island-like tunes found on the prior three albums and is a return to the music Chesney used to produce.

The first single, “Who You’d Be Today,” is already on its way to becoming another No. 1 hit. This particular song, which contemplates what the life of a person could have been like had they not died at a young age, successfully depicts the amount of emotion Chesney incorporated into many of his previous songs.

Other notable songs found on the new album, like the title track and “You Save Me” will remind country fans why Chesney has become such a household name. His unique incorporation of vocals mixed with lyrical meaning should give long-time fans a reason to rejoice.

Even though it doesn’t follow the same theme as previous albums, the album brings back a refreshed-sounding Chesney. With some of his best songs to date, fans who have been waiting for an island-less album should be pleased with the 11 new tracks. It’s pretty safe to say Chesney has given up his fun in the sun and finally made a return to his old tractor-ridin’ ways.