Trey Anastasio: Shine

By Stephanie Szuda

Don’t fret, Phish fans. Trey Anastasio has released a solo album.

With lyrics ranging from “slow dancing with the trees all around” and “laughing down by the water,” it’s not hard to figure out the feel of this album.

“Sweet Dreams Melinda” makes one feel like he/she should be holding hands with the person next to him/her while swaying from side to side. The chorus is very calm and soft, and sings, “sweet dreams to you.” Plus, any song that starts with, “roses float across the water” is probably going to be somewhat sappy.

The album has a happy-go-lucky vibe throughout. Don’t let the title to “Love is Freedom” fool you, though; the song’s an exception. The title sounds blissful, but the lyrics talk of a lost love who left Anastasio with an empty hole.

Perhaps the remnants of Halloween are still lingering, but the end of “Spin” almost sounds like a spooky Halloween song. Of course, the lyrics aren’t in any way about Halloween; Anastasio sings about the ups and downs of life and how it seems like “one hell of a ride.”

The most rocking song of the album is “Where You Find It.” It closes with a pretty good guitar solo. Most albums have to be listened to a time or two before one finds the enjoyable songs, but this album was more instant.

Was it predictable? Sure. A letdown? No. The catchy choruses and soft, simple music make a pleasurable listen.