Tattooing your Wall

By Nyssa Bulkes

Vivid art prints and life-size images of celebrities portray students’ personalities.

Posters show individuality and a range of personal tastes. Instead of questioning why a roommate studies next to a scantily-clad Hilary Duff poster or why the space above his bed is void of such expression, questioning what it says about him could better explain such wall adornments.

Junior English major Carlene Truitt’s walls show her diversity.

“I have a Clash poster, a bunch of pictures from the booklet of The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour, a Rolling Stones poster, and then a whole bunch of pictures of friends that I love on my door,” Truitt said. “I have an Evil Dead poster, Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Vertigo’ poster, a New York Dolls poster, a Simon & Garfunkel poster from when I went to go see them, a whole bunch of record sleeves like Tom Petty, the Cars, a Bronx poster and a Murder By Death poster.”

Dressed in a lime-green shirt and red flats, Truitt’s persona shows individuality. A college student working to distinguish a space as her own, Truitt uses posters to give her room character. She has displayed her Clash poster in each of her living spaces since her freshman year.

“It’s always been there,” Truitt said. “Whenever I put it up, it feels like home wherever I’m at.”

Students like Truitt prove not all college walls boast half-naked members of the opposite sex. Another example is sophomore physical therapy major Jaquinna Wimbley. Wimbley’s walls remind her of her values.

“I have an Alicia Keys poster, a Change poster because change is essential to life, a poster of Chicago because that’s where I’m from and a poster with Chinese symbols on it, truth, love and faith,” Wimbley said. “Those are like the three guidelines of life.”

Sophomore meteorology major Jenni Prell’s walls reflect her passion for her major.

“I have a bunch of posters in my room from my weather calendar,” Prell said. “They’re just fascinating pictures of different weather phenomena that I think are really interesting. I also have a poster of different photo shoots of James Dean, because I really like him as an actor. I think it’s very sad he died.”

Using his walls as a canvas, sophomore OMIS major Rob Stresinshe displays his appreciation for creativity.

“I have a poster done by Amy Brown which is a standard fairy-type thing,” he said. “It shows I like to use my imagination more than most people.”

Coming home after a long day, students look to their rooms for personal comfort. Home is ultimately where one goes to recharge and recollect after spending the day wracking their brains for historical dates or calculus formulas. In displaying posters, students claim their space as their own. At the end of the day, posters help provide students with that much-needed, post-chemistry-class hug.