Relive your high school prom in DeKalb

By Matt Lee

Something completely out of the ordinary will occur Saturday at The House Café, 263 E. Lincoln Highway.

Residents of DeKalb and people of all ages are encouraged to attend The House’s very own “Prom Party 2006.”

The event will transform The House Café into a gymnasium to help create the actual effect of a real high school prom. The prom recreation, which will be highlighted by a cover band to close out the evening, will be complete with a dance floor, punch bowl and a disc jockey to provide the typical fun-filled tunes associated with proms.

“We are encouraging people to dress up,” said John Ugolini, Kickstand Productions booking agent. “We want to recreate the prom vibe.”

The band, which will play throughout the night, will consist of band members from some of DeKalb’s local rock groups. Ben Grigg, known to many as Benny from Bikes Not Bombs, will provide his musical talents, including vocals, trumpet and keyboard, as one of the lead musicians in the group.

“The idea came up to play this prom and we jumped at it,” Grigg said. “It’s going to be great.”

According to Ugolini, there has been a great deal of interest for a show as unique as this.

“You’ll find anything that you’d find at a prom,” Ugolini said. “There will be a DJ and ‘off the wall’ 90s dance music.”

Between hanging flyers at The House Café and a Kickstand Productions Web site announcement, the show has been advertised as a one night only event. Tickets for the “Prom Party 2006” will be available at the door for $5. Those dressed in “classy” attire can purchase tickets for $3. The event begins at 9 p.m.