Liberal bias of Star shown clearly in pages

(To the tune of “A Partridge in a Pear Tree”) And on the 3rd of November, The Star reported to me… Liberalism that hold biases.

Anyway, enough with the Christmas tunes (wait until after Thanksgiving for goodness sakes) and the liberal bias the Star puts out. Disagree? Well just look at the front page (above the fold for God and everybody to see) of the Nov. 3 issue, “Gatherers protest Bush.” This a story construed by the likes of the College Democrats, a faculty member, a business owner and one of two democrats hoping to defeat Rep. Dennis Hastert, John Laesch. What I find even more compelling is a Northern Star reporter happened to be on the scene. Isn’t that ironic?

I also get a kick out of Laesch’s quote, “I think it’s pretty clear our country is heading into the wrong direction, the decisions being made in Washington today will affect the people attending NIU now.” I most certainly agree with Laesch’s quote to a lesser extent. I am curious to know what Laesch thinks of fellow democrat Rep. Charles Rangel’s (D-NY) attempt to re-introduce the draft in 2003 only to have it shot down in 2004 by most of the House. This was a bill the Bush administration was against. Even more ironic is Rangel voted against his own bill and encouraged others to as well.

Another thing I find intriguing is the young lady’s comment about George W. Bush’s faith. “[Bush] talks about being a Christian, but he ignores all the parts in the Bible about turning the other cheek and helping the poor.”

First off who is she to judge Bush’s faith? Secondly, if Bush is a religious man, which I believe he is, how or why would he ignore “all” parts of the Bible about turning the other cheek and helping the poor?

Lastly, is this person as well as many other Americans, not just liberals familiar with the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community, Initiatives? ( And no, this is not an office that makes bibles. That is illegal and unconstitutional. This office helps the poor, the sick, hurricane victims, people with AIDS and so forth.

The people in the jumpsuits I found to be extremely despicable and disrespectful towards our servicemen. Other than Cindy Sheehan, how do you think the people who had a family member or a friend die in either Iraq or Afghanistan would feel about you dressing like that and trying to make a mockery of the most powerful military in the free world? Might I throw some numbers out onto the table? According to the Observer, an online British newspaper, “So far, 112 cases from a total of 164 have been closed due to insufficient evidence or after army lawyers believed there was no case to answer.” (,2763,1407023,00.html) Also, in reference to the U.S. Military cases, has a very comprehensive time-line on the Abu Ghurayb incident as well as others (

As you can see, many people have been tried already, as well as numerous reports have been fired.

I also have to address the liberal column written on the perspective page written by Adam Kotlarczyk. What difference does it make that Saddam Hussein did or did not have weapons of Mass Destruction? Does anyone recall the invasion of Kuwait? What about the gassing of the Kurds in the 1980s? What about shooting SCUD missiles at Israel during the first Persian Gulf War? I found a report from 2000 written by David Scheffer, Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues, detailing just some of the incidents Hussein had been involved in. Ironically enough the smallest death toll given in the report was approximately 5000. (

Kotlarczyk insinuated there are over 2000 reasons to be against the war in Iraq, or it is not justifiable. Well, last time I checked 5000 was greater than 2000. I really was never great at math anyway.

This poses another question. Many liberals say we need to put aside racial and ethnic differences to make better communities and a better nation. Alright I buy that. However nothing against the American service-people, are you trying to say those deaths do not mean much because they are Iraqi, Iranian or Kurdish? You cannot have it both ways.

If you talk the talk, walk the walk and lead by example.

As you can see we have many people who are misinformed. This includes our own beloved campus newspaper which will do anything to carry out its leftist liberal agenda. I seriously hope many of our good friends from the left will consider some of this information and reconsider opinions.

Patrick J. Binning

Sophomore, undecided major