House rules always apply

By Stephanie Kohl

Students not returning to the residence halls for the spring semester must fill out a Request to be Released form by Dec. 15 to avoid a $100 severance charge.

Forms can be picked up in the Residential Administration Office in Neptune East, from a hall director or from the area office of each hall.

According to the Guide Post for 2005-2006, in order to break a contract, a student must show he or she either has exceptional cause, has married, intends on moving into a Greek chapter house, is graduating or is withdrawing from the university.

To qualify as having exceptional cause, a student is required to prove the problem is greater than financial burden, dislike for residence hall life or convenience. Student teaching and internships also would fall under this category if they are distant and off campus. This, however, must be verified by the individual’s college of study.

In addition, students with a housing contract who choose to live elsewhere are still responsible for abiding by the contract.

“Residents who jump contract may be liable for full room and board charges,” said Tim Trottier, acting coordinator of contracts and assignments.

In the case of moving into a Greek chapter house, students must live in the residence halls for a minimum of two semesters or have 31 credit hours to be released from the contract. Students also must provide verification of membership from the chapter, Trottier said.

About 250 students are expected to leave the residence halls at the end of the semester for various reasons. These spaces will be filled with new incoming and transfer students, Trottier said.

Contracts for winter break housing also are available to NIU students living in the residence halls.

Students who turn in requests before Dec. 1 will receive a special rate of $137.15 for the entire break – $30 per week. Students turning in forms after Dec. 1 will pay $205.75 for the entire break – $45 per week – according to the October 2005 issue of “Huskie Living.”

Winter break contracts must be turned in directly to the Residential Administration Office to verify the date received.