40-minute workouts for a healthier you

By Amber Pilat

Between classes, exams, papers, social gatherings and everyday stresses, students may struggle to find time to stay in shape during the school year.

Conflicting schedules can have an effect on a student’s physical state, said Sarena Duncan, a junior English major and staff member for the Campus Recreation Center.

“I know everyone’s work load is hectic and I even find it hard at times to work out,” Duncan said. “But if you wake-up 40 minutes early before class or even take 40 minutes out before you go to bed to go to the Rec [Center], it could work. Forty minutes is all you need for a great work-out.”

There also are alternative ways to stay in shape without going to the Rec Center or worrying about burning off the unnecessary deli sandwich.

“Quite a few people have signed up for intramurals this semester,” said Bradley Stoltenberg, a senior math education major and intramural supervisor.

Watching one’s diet also can help curb weight gain.

“No more junk food, or if you can make it the entire week without junk food then treat yourself to a cookie on Sunday,” said Adrienne Wicklund, a sophomore elementary education major.

Students in the residence halls also have a prime workout location:

their room.

“Buy a work-out tape and play it in your [residence hall] room,” said Dana Berti, a sophomore elementary education major.

Students also are advised to walk to class instead of taking the bus.

“You think you’re not burning off anything when you walk, but to be burning off that many calories in such a short time makes you start to question taking the bus everywhere,” Duncan said.