‘Secret Window’

By Steve Brown

“Secret Window” can join the likes of other Johnny Depp flicks: “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Sleepy Hollow,” to name a few.

All would be mediocre films without his absorbingly entertaining acting, Depp can join names like Brando, Newman, DeNiro: actors that were truly captivating on screen and could make a movie simply by their individual performance.

“Secret Window,” based on a Stephen King novel, has its share of slow-moving, Hitchcock-esque suspense, and while entertaining and engaging, never really hits the climatic points that movies like “Psycho” or “Vertigo” could.

The film centers on Depp’s character, Mort Rainey, who, in the midst of day-long naps in his woodsy cabin home, is confronted by a strange southern man claiming Rainey plagiarized one of his books. The often frustrating, though admittedly enjoyable, story line climbs and then ends with a foreseeable plot twist.

Still, Depp’s acting is enough to soften any of the film’s mild plot flaws, making for a welcome 96 minutes.