All I want is the History Channel, no more music

Reading in last Thursday’s newspaper I happened upon an article about getting an NIU specific MTV channel on our cable.

I mean, we have what, two MTV channels, BET and CMT. Do we really need another music station?

I already delete those channels from my TV so I don’t even have to see them in passing.

My real question is why don’t we have the History Channel. Being an educational institute one would think that educational programming would be foremost on the channels to have on the network.

We had the chance to pick channels that we wanted last year and at the top of my list was the History Channel. But what do we end up with? The Game Show Network, another sports channel to delete and a couple more that I have no idea of because, again, I don’t watch them.

All I ask is that we get the History Channel in the residence halls. Is that too much to ask?

Peter O’Brien

Senior, math education major