ROCKET Science

By Jarrod Rice

Chants of the Huskie fight song seamlessly turned in to cheers in the New Orleans room deep in the basement of Stevenson Tower C.

As NIU running back Garrett Wolfe broke free for the Huskies final touchdown in the fourth quarter, the group of more than 20 students erupted with cheers, which seemed to be due more to relief than happiness.

“The streak is finally over baby,” junior business administration major Eric McCalla said. “That’s the dagger right there. We finally beat Toledo.”

Junior business management Angela Zentefis along with the RHA organized the get together, and said she was happy with the turnout.

“I think this is awesome to have these people here inside together especially since it’s so cold outside,” Zentefis said.

The crowd cheered throughout the game at big plays, Christmas commercials and even at the injury of a Toledo wide receiver.

‘Show a replay,’ one fan chanted as the receiver lay on the ground motionless.

“I’ve been waiting years for this,” senior communications major Ryan McFadden said. “We definitely have a chance at the MAC [championship] now, especially since we went in as the underdogs and beat them.

McCalla, who admitted he painted his entire body red from head to toe at the home game against Toledo last season, said he wished he could have been at the game.

“It was fun to be here, but I wish I could have been at Toledo painted all red.”