Police staff increased for popular weekend

By Andrew Schlesser

Every year Homecoming revelers and returning alumni increase the number of people in DeKalb during the weekend.

These two aspects are what the DeKalb Police Department and University Police keep in mind when they plan responses to the increased activity during Homecoming weekend.

“We staff higher for it with state and county police,” DeKalb Police Chief Bill Feithen said. “We’re staffing up the same as last year.”

Last year’s Homecoming proved to be better than others in recent years, Feithen said.

DeKalb police officers recieve extra hours on every shift.

Afternoon officers are held after their shift and the night officers come in early, said DeKalb Police Lt. Carl Leoni.

“We have up to 30 men in the DeKalb area,” Leoni said. “It’s enough to handle things.”

Even though police have to be ready for anything, there is still a chance nothing will happen.

“We want everybody to be safe with their alcohol consumption,” Feithen said. “Look out for each other and don’t let friends who are drunk drive.”

UP also puts on more staff to compensate for the festive weekend.

“On the side of prevention, it’s best to staff up to let people see police presence,” UP Lt. Matthew Kiederlen said.

Everything going on this weekend might not be serious activity, but there will be more activity, Kiederlen said.

This semester, DeKalb police have arrested an alleged rapist, received two reports of armed robbery and one report of aggravated robbery.

DeKalb County Sheriff’s Police also arrested a murder suspect. Sycamore police arrested a criminal sexual assault suspect.

This weekend, UP arrested a man for robbery at 3:00 a.m. Sunday in Lot W, which is just north of Grant Towers North.

The victim was mugged while getting out of his car, Kiederlen said.

“The suspect displayed no weapons,” Kiederlen said. “It was a matter of intimidation.”

After the suspect walked away, the victim followed him and called the police, Kiederlen said.

UP placed Jon Steele, of Chicago, under arrest for theft from person.